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Our Facility

Sensory rooms, Sterilizing Equipment, Wheel Chairs, X-ray Machines, Compressors, Air Purifiers, Heart Monitor.


Gynaecology & ObstetricsPaediatrics General Medicine Laparoscopy Orthopaedics & Joint replacements

Our Services

Surgery for Snoring,Hair Loss Treatment,Medical Technology/Laboratory,Internal Medicine,Internal Medicine

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Doctor Appointment Booking System

Book Doctors Appointment Online Platform to help you get fast & easy access to trusted doctors near you. The need of online appointment for doctors is surely on the rise today as no patient wants to wait for hours at the Doctors clinic for their turn. Browse through the database of trusted doctors and choose based on their detailed professional showcase and happy patient reviews. This will surely enable & help you arrive at a decision of the right Doctor! Find trusted Doctors in Pune..

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"Create your account with a simple Facebook / Google sign up or just Skip this Step and search for Trusted Doctors Easy & Quick search for Trusted Doctors across your City based on their specialty, clinic or doctor name.."


Powerful Features

This Application helps to reduce the waiting time of the patient.
User can select the appointment time according to his preference. Available and booked slots are shown in effective graphical user interface. .

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